Our Story

I guess if you’ve made it this far, we can give our candles a bit of life. Many years ago, my wife, Tamara, received a loving gift of a homemade candle from her mother for Christmas.  Inscribed on the candle container was a saying, “let light live, let light grow, may it keep you warm, in the cold and snow.”  Tamara, being a poet herself, was touched and felt inspired to create that warm light of her own. At first, they were just for us.  Then they were for family. Then friends started asking about them.  It’s really hard to keep great smelling candles to yourself. Then we began dreaming of a house among the hemlocks in a forest covered in a thick layer of snow – a house with just a couple of old, drafty windows lit by the light of our candle’s glow.

welcome to our house

Anthony & Tamara